Fun Foam Craft Projects for Kids

Get your kids' creative juices flowing with these simple foam craft projects that take minutes to make and create hours of fun.

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Jay Wilde

Play-Food Craft

This yummy sandwich may look good enough to eat, but -- surprise! -- it's actually made entirely of colorful foam sheets.

Make It: Cut two rectangles from thick, white foam sheets (for bread); trim and paint the edges brown. Cut a circle for a tomato, a square for cheese, a circle for meat, and a free-form, frilly-edge shape for lettuce. Cut thin strips of white foam, staple them into a loop, and have your child paint them purple to create onion ring slices. For extra fun, cut out oval chips and run them through a paper crimper.

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Scott Little

Pretty Foam Pinwheels

Catch the wind in these colorful foam pinwheels -- the perfect craft project for a breezy summer day.

Make It: Cut a circle from a colorful foam sheet and trim six slits towards the center of the circle. Fold from the outside of the circle in and secure with a touch of glue. To embellish, thread wire through a bright button and attach to the pinwheel. Gently push wire through the back of the pinwheel and wrap it around a dowel wrapped with ribbon.

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Scott Little

Easy Foam Stamps

Your kids will enjoy stamping colorful images on cards, envelopes, and more with these simple homemade stamps.

Make It: Cut free-form designs from foam sheets to create flowers. Adhere the shapes to wooden blocks to make the stamps. Use toothpicks to add lines and dots in the foam for added texture.

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Jay Wilde

Foam Fish Windsock

Create this lovely ocean-inspired windsock with colorful ribbon and a few sheets of crafts foam.

Make It: Start with a large sheet of crafts foam for your windsock base; play with cut pieces of colorful crafts foam to create fish patterns to decorate it. Glue the fish shapes to the large sheet. Roll the large sheet and staple the ends together. Attach ribbons in various colors and lengths at the bottom, and add one ribbon at the top to hang the windsock.

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Scott Little

Foam Pencil Toppers

Practicing the alphabet or writing thank you cards is way more fun for your child when her pencil is topped with a fun foam craft!

Make It: Layer crafts foam shapes to create simple designs, such as a sun, turtle, and car. To secure a pencil through each, cut two slits in the center as shown. Add to the top of a pencil and get writing!

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Scott Little

Foam Garden Stakes

Liven up your potted plants or outdoor flowerbeds with these darling foam garden stakes.

Make It: Basic shapes become fruits and vegetables that you can use as garden stakes. Assemble, glue, and let dry. Glue the shapes onto wooden craft sticks and plant these adorable markers in your garden.

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Jay Wilde

Foam Pins

Pin these cute foam insects to your child's shirt or backpack for some wearable summertime fun.

Make It: Your child can practice cutting out circles for the heads and bodies of cute creatures. Assemble the pieces to create these flying foam friends. Add stripes to the bee and attach punched foam holes to the ladybug as spots. Using crafts glue, add pin bars on the backs to make them wearable.

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Scott Little

"My Shape Book"

Whether it's about letters, numbers, animals, or shapes, your child will love creating his very own foam book bound together with colorful yarn.

Make It: Select a theme for the book and decide on words and shapes to fill it with. Choose large pieces of foam for the pages and punch two holes on the left side (to bind the book pages together). Add white grommets to secure book pages. Let your child decorate the pages. Use a die-cut machine to punch shapes and letters in various colors from foam sheets with sticky backs for the cover. Once the book is complete, bind it with thick lengths of evenly trimmed yarn.

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Jay Wilde

Foam Blue Bird

Get a song ready for this cute blue bird to sing when you make him from colorful crafts foam.

Make It: Cut half-circles from blue crafts foam to create the bird as shown. Add stick legs and beak cut from orange crafts foam. Assemble as shown. Make a whole tree of birds using different colors for a nature scene.

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