Super-Easy Pipe Cleaner Costumes

Inexpensive, versatile, and comfortably fuzzy, pipe cleaners can be transformed into a host of last-minute costumes. Time to get twisted!

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Royal Highness

Your little one can feel like a princess with this simple-to-make costume!

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Sweet Gnome

Get whimsical with our fun and silly gnome costume.

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Alien Invader

You will need:
2 green pipe cleaners
2 Ping-Pong balls
Tacky glue
Black permanent marker

1. Wrap the ends of the pipe cleaners around the headband twice.

2. Tightly loop the other ends around the Ping-Pong balls and twist to secure.

3. Secure the balls to the pipe cleaners with tacky glue.

4. Draw on pupils.

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