Easy Herb Garden

Ready, Set, Grow!, p.3

4. For a tag, cut a 6-inch by 1-inch piece of vellum (waterproof paper). Fold lengthwise over the end of a chopstick or popsicle stick, and seal with glue. Have your child write the name of the herb on the vellum with a permanent marker. Repeat for each herb.

5. After the seeds have germinated and plants reach a height of about 1/2 to 1 inch, remove all but the strongest seedling by cutting the weaker ones with small scissors at the surface of the medium. Let the plants grow in the peat pots for 4 to 8 weeks before transferring them to your painted pots.

6. When the plants are ready to transfer, cut off the bottom of the peat pot with a craft knife, and then have your child place it in the pot, which should be partially filled with potting soil mix. (The peat pot will disintegrate over time.) Help your child to add more soil to barely cover the peat pot, being careful not to raise the soil level at the base of the plant.

7. Ask your child to water the soil every second or third day. Feed once a month with a balanced, complete fertilizer, following the manufacturer's instructions on the package.

Copyright © 2001. Reprinted with permission from the June/July 2001 issue of Child magazine.

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