Drums and Tambourines

Strike Up the Band!, p.2

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To Make A Drum
1. Drop dried beans into a nut canister and replace lid. Position canister on its side flush against the long edge of a sheet of felt; mark its height on felt. Move canister to the other end, mark height again, then draw a line across felt with a pencil and ruler. Cut along the line. Glue felt to sides of can, forming a neat seam.

2. For top and bottom, create a paper pattern by tracing around the shape of the canister. Make scalloped edge by marking several points 1" outside the circle and drawing a larger circle around it, using the points as your guide. Make six points around outer circle, about 3" apart, and draw a scalloped line with peaks at these points. Pin the pattern to felt and cut out; repeat.

3. Sew buttons onto felt pieces at each scallop. Glue felt to bottom and top, aligning buttons above and below.

4. Cut 4 1/2 feet of string and knot one end around a top button. Stretch string diagonally toward next bottom button, wrap string around it, then keep crisscrossing until you reach the knotted end; knot again. Repeat, starting at a bottom button.

5. For drumsticks, cut two chopsticks to 5 1/2". Dig 1/4" holes into ends of two pieces of cork with a screwdriver. Let your child paint cork and sticks with poster paint. Squeeze glue into holes and insert sticks.

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