8 Crafts From Household Items

Tap into your kids' creative side with these easy projects that can be assembled from everyday items.

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Avery Powell

Craft Lab

With some glue, yarn, and maybe even a cereal box, your regular household items are transformed into these 8 creative crafts for kids.

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Avery Powell


Let your child make some beautiful music. Cardboard boxes form the base of this inspired instrument; corks make the tuning pegs.

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Avery Powell

Puppy Puppet

Transform cardboard tubes into a canine marionette; the head and legs will move when it walks!

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How to Make a Ring Box Puppet

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Avery Powell

Cable Car

Your little one's furry friends will be able to zip around in this simple vehicle. Cut windows from a box and tape on a piece of straw; then let your child go wild with decoration.

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Avery Powell

Balloon Car

Get ready to race -- inflate this car's balloon and set it down: the expelled air will make it go!

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Avery Powell


Take to the high seas with this boat constructed from a milk carton hull and a skewer mast.

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Avery Powell


Watch the mill's cardboard tube and Popsicle-stick blades spin in the breeze, with the help of a brad.

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Avery Powell


A few simple snips and a coat of paint transform milk cartons into a colorful village.

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Avery Powell


This ship lets imaginations soar! A cardboard tube is topped with a foil-covered paper cone to form this space vessel.

Originally published in the October 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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