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Deluxe Plane (HARDER)

  1. Make a Basic Plane.
  2. With the wings flattened down, take the triangle fold and bring it to the long plane fold to create a skinny triangle.
  3. Flip the model over and do the same thing on the other side.
  4. Experiment with different folds--try making the wings even more narrow, or take the single edge of the triangle of the wings and bend it up or down to create wind resistance. Another experiment could be bending the nose of the plane to flatten it out; or bending the tail to make more complicated drags and folds.

More Fun

As with the Basic Plane, decorate your jets and race them. If you are playing with an older child, paper clip the nose of the plane underneath the wings (at the long plane fold) or try gluing cardboard reinforcements to the wings and then taping pennies, one to each wing, to see how they affect flight.

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