Arts & Crafts: Paper Toys

Want simple projects to keep little fingers busy? Read on for instructions to a whole bunch of boredom busters that mostly require a sheet of paper and an active imagination.

Basic Plane (EASY)

  1. Take a rectangular piece of paper.
  2. Fold it in half by bringing the long sides together (to form a skinny rectangle).
  3. With the fold at the bottom, take the upper right, open corner and bring it down to create a triangle shape (with the point touching the fold).
  4. Flip the model over and do the same thing with the upper left corner.
  5. Push up the triangle "wings" and, holding on to the long fold, toss. Whee!

More Fun

Color your planes with stars, make passenger windows and doors, draw in a small pilot and crew. Use different types of paper and have plane races to see which ones fly farther.

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