Fun Indoor Activities

Cooped up because of the weather? Bring the fun inside. These five ideas will brighten even the drabbest day.

Sticky Picture

This project can start with a scavenger hunt outdoors. Help your child collect small lightweight objects in the yard (weeds, leaves, twigs). Back inside, add some craft items (feathers, yarn, small balls of colorful, crinkled tissue paper) to your collection. Attach a large piece of clear Con-Tact paper to the refrigerator, sticky side out. Your 1-year-old will enjoy the feel of the paper as well as attaching objects to it. Name the objects as your child sticks them on. Safety note: Small items are a choking hazard, so watch your toddler carefully. To preserve the arrangement, cut a second piece of Con-Tact paper that's the same size as the first, lay it over the objects, and press down. Presto! -- a place mat.

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