Swim Safety (and Fun) for Babies

Get Ready for Giggles

The four fun games below will entertain--and instruct--your bambino.

Motorboat legs
Dangle your baby's feet in the water and gently pull her around.
Benefits: She'll start kicking and get used to the feeling of water resistance.

Follow the leader
Anything from dipping her toes to dunking her nose is a blast when Baby sees you do it first.
Benefit: You'll spur your tadpole to try new things.

First stroke
Hold a rubber duckie just out of reach and coax her to grab and pull it toward her as you hold her from behind.
Benefit: It teaches strokelike motions.

Tummy time
Lay baby on her belly on a foam mat and slowly move it back and forth.
Benefits: Strengthens back and neck and helps her feel secure while floating.

Originally published in the June 2011 issue of American Baby magazine.

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