21 Excuses to Head Outdoors with Your Little Ones This Summer

Step out of the air-conditioning and have some summer fun.

Stroll, Hike or Bike

Mom smiling up at dad with daughter on his shoulders, outside

1. It's time to teach your toddler how to ride her first tricycle. Choose a model with a canopy for extra sun coverage.

2. The forgiving surface of a lush lawn may tempt your baby to try walking. Going barefoot (when it's safe) and wearing less restrictive clothing also helps make summer prime baby-walking time.

3. Outdoor toys give kids good exercise. Go bike riding, jump on the trampoline, and hula hoop.

4. Skip the gym and go take a hike. Make it a family affair and pack a picnic for when your legs get tired and you need a break.

5. When you're not stuck wearing a big coat, using a front carrier is so simple. Sport one of the newer styles or an old classic.

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