Spring Outdoor Fun

A Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

Does it seem like forever since you last went for a walk? Forgotten what your neighborhood looks like? A scavenger hunt may be just the thing to get you and the kids out and revisiting whatever your neighborhood has to offer. Try some of these suggestions or create your own list of things to find.

Sounds of spring

Get out in the neighborhood and collect these spring sounds. Can you hear...

  • Frogs or toads
  • A clap of thunder
  • Music from an open car window
  • A woodpecker
  • A bird singing
  • Kids playing in the playground
  • Music from an ice cream truck
  • A lawn mower

Sights of spring

Can you see spring around you? Collect these sightings...

  • A plant emerging from the ground
  • A bud on a tree or bush
  • A flower in bloom
  • People sitting outside
  • Open windows
  • Open coats
  • Spring flowers
  • Spring fruit
  • Bathing suits in a shop window
  • Someone skateboarding

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