Spring Gardening with Kids

What to Plant?

While you should give your budding gardener some say in the season's planting, it makes sense for you to offer some learned advice. Keep in mind that kids get antsy waiting for their precious new plants to bloom. For that reason, it may be smart to steer your child in the direction of some quick-germinating species. In the flower family, the National Gardening Association recommends cosmos, bachelor's button, ageratum, and zinnia. Vegetables that will pop seedlings through the soil in a hurry include cucumber, corn, and lettuce.

In addition to the temperament of your gardener, you should also consider the temperature of your garden. It may be safe to plant early in Southern and Western climates, but much of the Northeast and Midwest is still in danger of frost. Still, no need to sit around and wait for the mercury to rise. Some plants will benefit from an early indoor start. Melons, for example, take a long time to mature, so starting a melon plant indoors in an individual container may result in a lovely crop of summer fruit.

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