Spring Gardening with Kids

How to Interest a Child in Gardening

How you approach a season of Mommy and Me gardening will affect how your child feels about gardening into adulthood. Is gardening a tiresome chore of weed pulling and trying not to get too dirty? Or is it a venture of new textures and smells and open exploration? You may have your own ideas about how your garden should grow, but when you're introducing your child to the pastime, get down on a child's level and set some small fry priorities. Some tips:

  • Relax your standards. Uneven rows and a few prized weeds won't do any real harm. Neatness is for grown-ups.
  • Involve kids in garden design. Let them chime on what to plant and where to plant it.
  • Pick a theme. How about a Pizza Garden of basil and tomatoes? Or a Butterfly Garden filled with your local butterfly species' favorite plants?
  • Plan some craft projects. Waiting for a planted garden to bloom can seem like an eternity. Pass the time with garden-related craft projects, such as making a scarecrow or painting stepping-stones.
  • Allow for exploration. Your kids may want to do some extra hole digging, check out the bugs, or make mud pies. This is all part of the junior gardener experience. Go with it.

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