5 Top Winter Sports

Fun ways to spend winter days.

Ice Skating

Child with ice skates

Heather Weston

Inspired by the Olympics? Lace up a pair of skates and give ice skating a try! Kids as young as age 4 can head out on the ice if they are steady walkers with good balance. Follow these tips for a fun, safe afternoon of skating:

  • Find a safe place to skate. You can either skate at an ice rink or outdoors. But before sliding out onto a local pond, check for signs posted by the local police or recreation department stating that the ice has been approved for skating. If there are no signs, call the police or rec department to see which areas are safe for skating.
  • Go with the flow. Always skate in the same direction as the crowd.
  • Toss potential choking hazards. Make sure your kids throw out any gum or candy before hitting the ice.

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