Magic Show (and Tell)

A Sight Gag

If your kid is older or not as easily impressed, you'll have to create a more in-depth illusion to get her psyched. Try this "Guardian Angel Trick."

  1. Say, "Did you know you have a guardian angel watching over you? He's behind you with big wings. If you close your eyes and concentrate, you can feel him tap your shoulder. But when you close your eyes, I have to hold them shut so you don't peek."
  2. Demonstrate closing your own eyes while holding them shut with both your right-hand and left-hand index fingers. Then tell her to close her eyes.
  3. Instead of holding hers shut with both index fingers, use your right hand's middle and index ones. Now tap her shoulder with your free left hand.
  4. Quickly move both hands in front as she pulls her face away. The next time she asks you to do it, you can tell her if she concentrates really hard, she'll be able to feel the angel brush her shoulder with his wing, which you can do with a gentle stroke across.

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