Magic Show (and Tell)

Sleight of Hand

Young kids are amused by silly gags like the "I got your nose" game. Kick up the fun a notch with this thumb-splitting trick.

  1. Hold up your right hand, palm in, with the fingers pointing to the left. Bend in just the tip of your right thumb so the joint peeks out over the fingers.
  2. Next, hold up your left hand, palm facing out, and tuck your left thumb between your left middle and left ring fingers. Your thumb should be poking out and pointing to the left.
  3. Now move your two hands together, with the top of your folded right thumb touching the bottom of your left thumb so that the two thumbs look like just one thumb.
  4. Quickly slide your left hand to the left while keeping your right thumb fixed in place. And voilà! Your "thumb" will look like it's being pulled in two.

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