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Three easy ways to turn your bathroom into the kid-friendliest spot in the house.

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Andrew Greto

It may be cramped, and it may be damp, but it's also the first room your family visits in the morning and the last stop before bedtime. So liven up the bathroom a little! These super-simple spruce-ups cost almost nothing, but they're sure to add more smiles to your family's daily routine.

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Andrew Greto


Want to threaten cavities with extinction? Make your family's tooth-care regimen more entertaining by stowing brushes in this clever holder. To create one, use a hollow plastic dino. Trace the circumference of each brush handle with a washable marker, then use a craft knife to cut holes (adults only).

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Andrew Greto

Sniffle Hut

Give tissues a sweet home of their own (it's the perfect surprise to cheer up a cold sufferer, too). Flatten a 12-can beverage carton by cutting it open along a fold, then cut off the end flaps. On the unprinted side, draw a house shape as shown below and cut it out. Assemble the house by taping the walls and the roof together on the inside. Fold and tape the chimney strip, insert it in the roof hole, and secure it with tape. Dress up your Sniffle Hut with markers and crayons -- challenge your kids to decorate the house so that it looks like your home -- then set it over a square tissue box.

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Andrew Greto

Tub Buddies

Kids can act out elaborate soap operas with this ever-changing cast of monsters. With scissors, cut plenty of shapes from craft foam sheets. Be sure to include torsos, limbs, and eyes. When wet, the pieces will stick to each other and to tiles and other nonporous surfaces.

Originally published in the August 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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