Go Piggy Finger Puppets

These little piggies flew a plane, sailed a boat, and drove a truck to market!
Puppet_Pig in airplane finger puppet

Do you have a preschool train lover? Know a kid who can't get enough of being in the car?

Kids are naturally attracted to modes of transportation -- they're things kids see every day and can relate to. Planes, boats, bikes, and trucks are all exciting ways people get where they need to go. As a parent, you're probably naturally inclined to point these things out during your days together.

These fantastic finger puppets combine exciting vehicles with a cutie-pie pig. And what child doesn't love to emulate oinks and snorts? Whether your child is 3 months or 5 years old, you're spending quality bonding time with him when you play with these educational puppets.

Play for Kids 6 Months and Older

Even infants can get into finger puppets! At around 6 months, babies are enthralled by bright colors and shapes. They may not be able to make animal or car noises yet, but using animals and transportation to set the educational stage now can help them make connections in picture books and kids' classes later.

Older kids may be interested in using safety scissors and crayons to cut out or color each puppet, which helps them develop their fine motor skills. Even if your older child just wants to watch you assemble the puppets, talk with him about the colors you're using, the sounds each animal or vehicle makes, where he might find each, etc.

Parents, remember that print-outs from your computer are not baby- or kid-proof, so supervise children while playing with these to avoid paper cuts.

Instructions: Download the PDF below and print out the finger puppets provided. Cut along the dotted lines and wrap them around your fingers with a piece of tape.

Have Even More Fun!

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Originally published on AmericanBaby.com, March 2005.

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