12 Fun Alphabet Activities

Learning the alphabet is a blast with these crafts, activities, and toys.

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Kana Okada

Mix and Match

Make your own letters with this set of colorful wooden pieces. Wooden Alphabet Pattern Game, $62; thewoodenwagon.com

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Kana Okada

Write On

Not since Etch A Sketch has "writing" been so much fun. Preschoolers will be entertained as they learn the shapes of their first letters by pulling metal beads up with a magnetic stylus. Arrows indicate the mechanics of how to draw the lines and curves that make up each letter, and holding the stylus provides practice with a writing instrument. A to Z Magnatab, $28

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Kana Okada

Bake Their Name

Most kids learn to spell -- and read -- their own name before any other word. Encourage this early literacy competency with an alphabet-shaped treat. Cut, bake, and cool a batch of sugar cookies using letter cutters. Leave the decoration (and the cookie gobbling) to your child. Large alphabet cutter set, $42; globalsugarart.com

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How to Prepare Your Child For Preschool

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Kana Okada

Block It Out

Even toddlers can set the table with wooden alphabet blocks; they can just place one at each family member's setting. Older children can spell out names.

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Kana Okada

Color a Letter a Day

Print out letter-specific coloring pages below. Each letter is accompanied by a word and an image of the word (D is for dinosaur, R is for rocket, etc.) The pages are perfect for home or travel -- just take along markers or crayons.

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Kana Okada

Spin a Good Yarn

Craft these colorful letters with your child. Cut characters from foam core or buy premade ones from a craft store. Snip pieces of yarn approximately 3 feet long. Tape the end of the yarn to the back of the letter; then wrap evenly around. Connect pieces of yarn with small knots. Fill in hard-to-cover spots with small pieces of yarn (secure with glue, if necessary). If you like, finish by wrapping a zigzag pattern on top.

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Kana Okada

Surf the ABCs

LetterPlayground.com offers a collection of artistic letters that will delight letter lovers of all ages. When you sign up (it's free), you and your child can browse hundreds of letters made by artists, graphic designers, and regular people. You can "like" your favorites and even post and share your family's own creations.

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Kana Okada

Stick 'Em Up

Take advantage of kids' fascination with stickers by sneaking in a learning opportunity. Alphabet stickers come in zillions of colors and sizes (find them in the scrapbook aisle at craft stores). Corral the collection in a box that your kids can decorate with -- what else? -- letter stickers! Stickers, $2 and up; mrsgrossmans.com and melissaanddoug.com

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Kana Okada

Eat Your Words

You can use these flexible silicone trays to create edible Jell-O letters. Just coat the molds with cooking spray; then prepare the mix using a 6-ounce package of Jell-O and 1 1/4 cups of hot water. Let chill in the fridge until solid. Alphabet Letter Trays, $15 for a set of three; sillycone.myshopify.com

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Kana Okada

Piece It Together

This wooden puzzle gives children ages 3 and older exposure to the alphabet as well as to the names of 26 animals -- from alligator to zebra. One side features uppercase letters and the other, lowercase. Animal Parade Puzzle, $40; momastore.org

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Kana Okada

Decorate From A to Z

Room décor gets smart with alphabet posters. Whether your style leans toward the traditional or you have a more contemporary flair, there's sure to be a design to fit your tastes. (Try etsy.com and allposters.com for hundreds of other options.) Seaside ABC, $34; likeabird.net

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Kana Okada

Snack 'n' Play

Blogger Amy Bell, of PositivelySplendid.com, pairs Bingo with Scrabble Junior Cheez-Its (cheez-it.com). Place a cracker on each game-board square (download a board below), leaving the center open. Pose a letter-related query, such as, "What letter does cat start with?" Then eat the corresponding cracker. Five in a row makes Bingo!

Originally published in the September 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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