How to Create Creative Kids


These quick activities will get your children thinking outside the box. Try one a day for an inspiring month!

1. See what you can build with toothpicks and mini marshmallows.
2. Write a sentence using only words that begin with a chosen letter.
3. Experiment with herbs and spices to create a new flavor to sprinkle on popcorn.
4. Write your own lyrics to simple melodies, such as "The Alphabet Song."
5. Make an aluminum-foil boat. How much can it hold and still float?
6. Paint a still life with your nondominant hand.
7. Make something in 5 minutes from five pipe cleaners.
8. On a pad of sticky notes, draw a flip book of a popping balloon.
9. Write a poem about the smell of vanilla.
10. Create a new dance move, name it, and teach it to a friend.
11. Make a magic wand by wrapping a stick with yarn and tape.
12. Draw your house as it would look if you were floating in the air 100 feet above it.
13. Invent a game you play with checkers but without the board.
14. Design the wrapper and write a jingle for an imaginary candy bar.
15. Trace your feet on cardboard and try making wearable slippers.
16. Write a letter to your pet, then write its response.
17. Collage a monster from old magazine pages, then come up with a story about her.
18. Craft a tiny picture by gluing dry rice to card stock.
19. Create a giant picture by placing lines of yarn on a rug.
20. Draw up plans for a flying car.
21. Tap your pots and pans with a chopstick; assemble the best ones into a drum set.
22. Write a plot description for a sequel to your favorite movie.
23. Draw a person using only triangles, circles, and squares.
24. Try lacing your shoes in a new, unique way.
25. Choose a spice and stir a dash into a spoonful of vanilla ice cream; taste.
26. Make space goggles using an egg carton.
27. Draw a still life of your three favorite possessions.
28. Trace your hand. How many things (besides a turkey) can the shape become?
29. Come up with a new jump rope rhyme.
30. Draw the place you think creativity comes from.

Originally published in the October 2013 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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