Indoor Activities

Being stuck inside doesn't have to mean being bored. Check out our collection of things kids can do and make like homemade play dough, finger puppets, memory games, science experiments, and more.

5 Fun STEM Crafts for Kids

Forget those problem sets! Get your kids psyched about STEM with interactive toys they can make at home. They'll be amazed to see science, technology, engineering, and math in action in a setting that feels nothing like school. Get templates and instructions at

How to Make a Terrarium

This easy terrarium shows kids the water cycle in action.

6 Specialty Museums Kids (and Grown-Ups!) Will Love

Specialty museums are passionate places curated by passionate people. Never content to just show you a bunch of cool stuff, they go deep, with mind-boggling expertise and contagious enthusiasm. Even if you're just a mildly curious family zipping through town, each of these spots is worth the trip.

17 Great Indoor Games and Activities

Break out these fun and creative ideas when you're cooped up indoors.

Busy Bags!

They're so brilliant only a mom could have invented them. These homemade activities are ideal for restaurant waits and doctor visits. Re-create one of these bloggers' ideas or dream up your own, then hand it to your child and enjoy a moment of peace.

The 10 Best Family Board Games of 2016

Bored no more! The 10 best games of the year--all family-tested and approved!

8 Cool Lights and Night-lights for Kids' Rooms

Light up your child's room and help banish nighttime jitters with these simply illuminating ideas.

4 Indoor-Games to Stave Off Cabin Fever

These indoor activities are so much fun, your child will never know you had a hidden agenda. How's that for a game changer?

Random Acts of Art: Crafts to Add Fun to Your Neighborhood

Eight whimsical crafts that let you bring a little magic to your neighborhood.

Build a Metal Robot

Use all your empty cans to construct a fantastic robot friend.

How to Make a Bird-Feeder Craft

Parents' Lifestyle Director Amanda Kingloff demonstrates how to make a bird-feeder craft.

Paper Stars

Make a constellation of paper stars with which to decorate your house, as featured in the June/July 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

Fun Karate Exercises for Kids

Get active with these exercises designed to put the kick back in your family's workout.

Yoga for Kids

Make like mommy and say "ohm."

11 Activities to Encourage Creativity

A child's education stretches far beyond a classroom; it extends into the environments where she lives and plays. These activities, designed for children ages 4 and up, are fun ways to develop your child's artistic learning and encourage her to think in a more challenging and creative manner.

Gluten-Free Play Dough Recipe

This recipe is for play dough that's safe for all, even kids with celiac and gluten allergies.

Great Indoor Games for Families

Everyone can be a champion with these six silly family contests.

Gardening With Kids: Plant an Odds-and-Ends Garden

With spring still weeks away, here's an easy way to get growing. Kids will love turning ordinary kitchen scraps into a windowsill gardening project. And who knows? It might even inspire them to eat more veggies.

12 Fun Alphabet Activities

Learning the alphabet is a blast with these crafts, activities, and toys.

15 Retro Fun Activities

Your kid will love exploring your fave old pastimes (so will you!).

8 Bathtub Activities

Your kids will love these splish-splashing bathtub games.

Upcycled T-shirt Bowl

Colorful t-shirts can find new life as adorable fabric bowls.

Plaster Plaques

Watch how to make plaster relief plaques, as featured in the June/July 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.