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A healthy breakfast is usually sacrificed on an hectic morning. Here are 3 quick and... Read More

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    FamilyFun Craft Camp

    6 weeks of creative projects guaranteed to keep the kids busy, happy, and off-screen!

  • Amazing Outdoor Art Projects

    Take advantage of a summer's day by inviting your kids and their pals to get wildly creative. Read on for simple ideas that offer an artsy afternoon in the great outdoors. Rinsing off with the hose afterward only adds to the fun!

  • 10 Fun STEM Crafts for Kids

    Forget those problem sets! Get your kids psyched about STEM with interactive toys they can make at home. They'll be amazed to see science, technology, engineering, and math in action in a setting that feels nothing like school. Get templates and instructions at

  • Father and child using an app on a tablet

    19 Apps to Inspire Creativity in Kids

    Not all screen time is bad! We went to experts to help find fun apps that can help inspire your kids' creativity (and maybe even yours!).

  • Stuffed Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast

    3 Super-Tasty Twists On PB&J

    We’re updating the classic kid combo—and here's the great part: Kids with nut allergies don’t have to miss out. Just swap in sunflower seed butter for a safe, yummy alternative.

  • HomeAway and FamilyFun Kid Vacations Infographic

    What Kids Really Want From a Family Vacation

    Let this be the summer you can sit back and have the kids decide on where your next family vacation should be. You may be pleasantly surprised!

  • Camping Destinations Girl Laying Down Inside A Tent

    10 Family Camping Destinations for Every Different Skill Level

    From drive-to tent sites and cabins to totally remote adventures, this list of 10 amazing campgrounds for families has something for everyone!

  • Take A Walk Love Your Town Illustration

    7 Tips for Loving Where You Live

    Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or a bona fide local, connecting with your community can bring tons of joy! Here's how to get started.

  • Birthday Craft Hat Party Pizza Cone Hat

    DIY Birthday Decor Ideas for Every Level of Crafty Mom

    These homemade birthday decor, craft, and food ideas can all be customized for your child. The best part? They all start with affordable and basic supplies.

  • Fun Things to Do in Denver

    Lace up your sneakers, slather on the sunscreen, fill the water bottles, and do what Mile High City kids and their parents love to do most—head outdoors for some serious fun in the sun.

  • Under the Radar Florida Finds Father Carrying Son on White Sand Beach

    4 Low-Key Florida Vacation Spots for Families

    Discover the hidden magic of old Florida at one of these under-the-radar and perfect-for-families destinations. 

  • 4 Cute Crafts That Use Recycled Cardboard Tubes

    Help your kids make these cute and clever crafts using the cardboard tubes from paper towels and toilet paper rolls. It's the perfect project to celebrate Earth Day on April 22.

  • Happy Girl Curly Hair Outside on Grass Dog Licks Face

    5 Tips to Teach Kids to Play Safely with Dogs

    Dogs are kid’s best friend! But to get these BFFs together, children need to learn safe get-to-know-Fido rules.

  • 6 Sun Crafts for Kids

    During the summer months, these activities blend science with art, keeping summer brains sharp. From using the sun to tell time to observing its powerful heat, your child will learn about the sun through these exciting activities. Note: Always offer adult assistance when using a hot-glue gun and a cheese grater.

  • Baby girl eating vegetables

    Your Age-by-Age Guide to Raising a Foodie

    Make your baby’s first bites more than just a sweet milestone.

  • 20 Dinner-Worthy Sandwich Recipes They'll Love

    Like the sliced bread they're served on, sandwiches are an ingenious modern invention—perfect for lunches and quick weekday dinners. Our inspired recipes for sandwiches, wraps, and burgers are sure to please your crowd.

  • Yarn Crafts Kids Can Make

    You'll have a ball this summer when you spend an afternoon creating these simple yarn crafts with your kids.

  • DIY Barnyard Set

    Your kids will go hog wild for this barnyard set! It’s chock-full of projects to pick and choose from—including quirky cork animals and a shoe-box barn with a working door—that’ll keep them crafting (and playing!) for hours.

  • Might Fortress Brother and Sister Smile Play In Fort Blankets

    4 Tips for Creating a Cool Blanket Fort for Kids

    Help your kids build a fantastic blanket fort with easy tips from Laura Dahl, cofounder of

  • Little Known STATES Blue America Map

    State Secrets: 50 Little-Known Local Destinations

    We asked 2,000 parents to share their local go-tos so you can be in the know too. Check out our top pick per state—this is a list you’ll definitely want to save!

  • 2016 FamilyFun Toys of the Year

    Introducing the 2016 Toys of the Year! These 20 kid-approved picks are squeal-inducing, happy-dance-launching hits that left our testers begging for more. Talk about holiday must-haves!

  • volunteer vacation family

    What to Look for in a Family Volunteer Vacation

    PBS travel expert and mom Colleen Kelly explores the world of voluntourism—and how to plan the right trip for your family.

  • 12 Products to Make Homework More Fun

    Getting the job done is about to become a lot more fun (and less like pulling teeth). The kids will love these new perfect-for-home school supplies so much that they’ll jump to do those worksheets. 

  • Peanut Butter Illustration

    20 Best Hacks for Families

    Tech guru and efficiency enthusiast David Pogue shares his 20 best hacks that are about to change your family's world. 

  • Rubik's Cube

    The Return of the Rubik's Cube

    This classic toy is an awesome way to practice the logic and problem-solving skills that are crucial to STEM education. Here’s how to harness the fun. 

  • Kids Playing with Goldfish

    4 Allergy-Friendly Pets

    Choosing the right pet can be a challenge when little ones (or parents!) have allergies. Find out which animals are a fit for your family.

  • 5 Things to Do In Nashville

    Forget the drama from the hit TV show—Nashville is a town practically made for families. The city has tons of activities that let your entire clan tune in to Nashville's proud music tradition. Plus, there's kid-friendly Southern food in spades, a burgeoning park system, and a museum network that rivals some of the country's biggest metros.