Let's Volunteer: Family Philanthropy

Involving your child in charity will help the community and teach her an important lesson -- and it lets you spend more time together.

Finding Ways to Volunteer Together

Making time to do volunteer work is important, but it's always hard to find the time. The easiest way to make it a priority is to get your child involved -- you'll bond as you help out in the community. If you already have a cause that your family cares about, find a way to include your child. He can help you plant trees in a local park or hand out water at a 5K race. If your child has a talent or an interest, brainstorm a way to use it: Could her dance class perform their routine at the nursing home? Thinking small can also have a big impact: Walking your elderly neighbor's dog will make a difference in his life. Through volunteering, your child will learn an important lesson about helping others.

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