Posting Messages

  • How do I post a message?

    To post a message:

    1. Go to the board where you want to post.
    2. Click the New Message link.
    3. In the Subject field, enter your message title.
      Tip: Make your subject clear and concise, as it’s the only part of the message that shows up on the message-listing page.
    4. In the Body field, type your message. Be sure to include all necessary details, especially for technical topics.
    5. Format and spell check your message, as needed.
    6. Click Submit Post.
  • How do I reply to a message?

    Click Reply to respond to a particular post.

    The Reply Message screen is similar to the Post Message screen, with these differences:

    • When you reply to a post, the subject line is filled in automatically. You can change it if you want.
    • You can paste the message to which you are replying into the body of your reply by clicking Quote Message.

    You reply is added the existing thread; it won't create a new thread.

  • Can I create "canned" or "boilerplate" responses?

    Yes. You can use macros to create boilerplate text that you can paste into any message. You can create up to 9 macros.

    To set up a macro for boilerplate text:

    1. Sign in to the community.
    2. Go to My Settings > Macros.
    3. Enter a short but memorable name in the Macro Title field.
    4. In the Macro box, enter your boilerplate text. (You can use HTML tags if your community allows it.)
    5. Click Save.

    Tip: To add text at the bottom of your posts, you can include that text your signature instead of using a macro.

    To add your boilerplate text to a post:

    1. Go to a post.
    2. In the comment area, place your cursor where you want to add the boilerplate text.
    3. Open the Macros menu and select the macro you want to add.