• What's a blog?

    A blog is an online journal written by one or more authors. Blog articles usually appear in reverse-chronological order, so you see the most recent article first, followed by earlier articles. Some blogs have comments from readers, which you can read by clicking the Comments link at the bottom of the article.

  • How do I post a comment on a blog?

    Posting a comment on a blog is a lot like replying to a message on a board. If the blog is open for comments, you'll see a post a comment link or a comment count link at the bottom of the article.

    To post your comment:

    1. Click post a comment or Comment count.
      You can post a comment to an article or to someone else's comment.
    2. Type your comment in the post a comment area.
      You can use simple HTML and quote the article you're commenting on.

      Tip: You can't edit or delete a comment after it's posted, so be sure to preview your comment and spell check first.
    3. Click Post Your Comment.

    Some blogs display new comments almost immediately. Other blogs don't display new comments until the blog author or a moderator approves them.

  • Can I post a blog comment without registering or logging in?

    Yes, however, you must provide your name (which we'll show) and your email address (which we won't). You might also be able to enter a web site URL to display with your comment. Then, simply type your comment and click Post Your Comment.

  • Where is my blog comment? I posted a comment, but don't see it.

    Some blogs display new comments almost immediately. Other blogs don't display new comments until the blog author or a moderator approves them.

    If your comment doesn't appear immediately, check back in a few minutes. If it still doesn't appear, your comment is most likely in the approval queue.

  • Can I edit or delete my blog comments?

    No, you can't. Be sure to check your spelling and preview your comment before you post it.

  • How do I share a blog article with friends?

    To share blog articles with friend, you can use any shared bookmarking, social network, or other tracking service, such as, Digg, Reddit, Facebook, MySpace, Google, StumbleUpon, Technorati, or Twitter. However, you must have a valid account with the service.

    To share a blog article:

    1. Go to the article you want to share.
    2. Click Bookmark.
    3. Click the service you want to use.
      The next steps depend on the service.

  • Can I subscribe to a blog?

    Yes. You can subscribe directly to a blog or an article, or you can subscribe to their RSS feeds. If you subscribe to an RSS feed, you can use an RSS reader to view new content that's added to the blog. If you subscribe directly to a blog or article, you receive an email alert when new articles or comments are posted.

    ToDo this
    Subscribe to a blog Go to the blog page and click Blog Options > Subscribe to this Blog.
    Subscribe to an article Go to the article and click Article Options > Subscribe to this Article.
    Subscribe to an RSS feed     Go to the blog or article and click Blog Options > Subscribe to this Blog's RSS Feed or Subscribe to this Article's RSS Feed.
    Then, save the live bookmark or whatever you usually do to add an RSS feed.

  • What's a Permalink?

    A permalink, short for permanent link, is the URL for a specific blog article. In an active blog with lots of entries, a particular article stays on the blog's front page for a short period of time. It becomes hard to bookmark a specific blog article or to email a link when the article you want is replaced with something new.

    This is where permalinks come in handy. They take you directly to an article, rather than to the blog's front page, which typically shows only the last few articles.

    To use a permalink:

    1. Click Permalink at the bottom of a blog article.
    2. Copy the URL that appears in your browser's navigation toolbar.
    3. Paste the link wherever you need it.