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Re: To Have and To Keep - Staying Married with Kids

I like your idea to get up 20 to 30 minutes before everyone else so you have some me time - even if that me time is used to throw in a load of laundry or write out your grocery list.


My husband will often take our daughter somewhere for a couple of hours Saturday morning. In the summer it's usually to the farmer's market, and in the fall it may be to the park or to the indoor play area at the mall. While they're gone I have the house to myself and two to three hours of uninterrupted time to pay bills, clean the bathroom, catch up on e-mail, or go get a manicure. Whatever I want/need to do that weekend without worrying that I'm not spending enough time with the family because I know Emmy is having some good daddy/daughter bonding time.


Let us know if you make any other tweaks that help keep you less stressed!