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Introductions: Justin & Sam
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My name is Justin, and I am the single father of a 12-year old girl named Sam. Sam is a very small child for her age, at only 126cm and 43kg, she has black hair and green eyes, very pale skin and light freckles. Her head is a slightly larger than normal, especially obvious since her body is so small, her eyes are huge and her other features compliment this to make her look about four years younger than she actually is. (Well, except for her chest, of course.) I tend to baby her a bit, and I fawn over her more than I really should, but she's just so cute and I can't help it. (I'd show you a picture, but I'd like to protect our anonymity. That, and we're operating under a strict "no pictures, ever" policy after I found some pictures of her and her friends that I would rather she didn't send or receive.)

She's just about the sweetest little girl in the world... with me. With others, not so much. She's overattached to me, to the point where she insists on following me everywhere I go and even waits outside the restroom door for me to come out. (When she was little, she sometimes used to force her way in and once actually ripped the handle off a door to get to me.) She gets lonely very quickly and can't sleep alone, although thankfully she isn't too picky about company and anybody she likes will do. (Although the usually sleeps with me.) She's very defensive of me, and has assaulted several people (including her last therapist) for things they said about me. (She also hits like a howitzer, but I can't say that's a problem.)

I ended up putting her in cyberschool (and if it doesn't work out, I'll put her back in regular school) because of her constantly conflicting with the school's "authorities" and getting into fights with other students. While I will admit the school faculty and the students she fought with are bigots and deserve any damage she does, it was still a problem that was interfering with her education. She also repeatedly engaged in activities with some of the other students that were definitely not safe for school, and that hasn't stopped now that she's out. (Although her not being in school does make that much less of a problem.) I'd be a liar and a hypocrit if I said it was wrong for her to do those things or that it was any of my business, and I've made sure she's as prepared as she can be, but she really needs to be more careful and at least TRY not to get caught. That got her screamed at the other day by a boy's mother (she didn't even actually DO anything) for almost half an hour.

There are plenty of good things about her, many more and more important than bad, but I'm mostly here to talk about her issues, so I don't see much reason to get into them.