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Re: How to update your username/display name

Hmmmm, strange...


Ok, I'm going to go through the process on my laptop and type the steps here as I do...


1) Go to


2) Look at the very top right of the screen, you should see a "login" option.


3) Click on "login"


4) Login with your Community username and password


5) Mine then says "Hi Christine" in the top right corner.


6) click on your name...for me I clicked on "Christine"


7) You should then be directed to your personal page.  Look on the left a bit below the avatar picture and you should see an orange rectangle box that says "update my profile".  Click on that...


8) It then takes you to another screen where there is the option to put your "member display name".  Type your name preference there and then scroll to the bottom and click "submit".  If you don't get a confirmation page but it instead redirects you to the same page, scroll may be telling you that your username is already taken.  Once you select one that is acceptable you should get directed to another page.


Let me know how it goes! If this doesn't, work, I definitely need to figure out which steps you aren't seeing so we can make sure we address it.


Thanks girls!


~ Christine ~
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