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Re: Forum Guidelines
I think these sort of situations happen to most of us who have kids.
Kids are kids! They see a pool and they have a one track mind. Because these are your neighbors and you will likely see them often:smileyhappy: just let them know you are sorry about what happened. Also explain that you were hurt by the post on Facebook and would be happy to talk to her in person about anything bothering her in the future.

Have a simple talk about boundaries with your kids and set a limit to how many times per week they can swim at the neighbors place. Share this with the neighbor so she knows that you are trying to respect her space.

We have a neighbor that have grandchildren over all the time. The kids always want to play at our house. I have often felt dumped on, like a babysitter that doesn't get paid. I finally said something to my neighbor. Our neighbor was very nice and understanding about how I felt. We now take turns watching the kids when they play in the front yard.

I know how tempting it can be to tell your neighbor to stick it where the sun doesn't shine, but being mad at someone takes too much energy. You might end up neighbors for a long time. Make nice with neighbors and move forward:smileyhappy:

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