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Height quiz results
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As far as my son, the results are almost laughable.   I thought I would check it out with the facts I have written down in my baby book.  My children are now grown so I wanted to compare.  It gave a height of 4 foot 7 inches for my son.  He was always a runt to the point that in middle school he was a good foot shorter than all his friends.  Then in 9th grade he grew 9 inches in 4 months and another 3 inches a couple months later. He is now 6 feet tall.  I know this is not an exact science, but to be so far off?......I will be curious about my oldest granddaughter.  By the time she was two (she is 5 now) she was the size of a six year old.  One of her sisters is very petite.  She is 3 now and is not much larger than her 1 year old sister. Isn't life interesting!