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Re: 3.5 year old still pooping in underwear??

I realize I'm late coming into this conversation - but my son is going to be 4 at the end of November and has this same issue. He has a major issue with consitpation, the dr has put him on Miralax, and if he doesn't get it at least once a day, if not twice, he is stopped up. SO that's what we initially thought the problem was. BUT we have had him on the lax since April, and have been working to get the timing/dosage just right...he refuses to go at daycare (home daycare), so once in awhile I'll pick him up and he'll tell me he has poop in his pants, but even at home, he demands a pull-up to go in. If we refuse (this happened twice because I feel terrible) he will just go in his underwear. We have also tried bribes with candy/food, activities, money, anything you can think of. He will not give in. Once in a rare while I can get him to sit on the potty, I have the big potty, with an insert seat, and a little training potty next to it, so he can even choose if that's the problem...but nothing will come out. I know he won't be in college pooping his pants, but this is putting off being able to advance him into a preschool, which he needs! We talk about it every day and now he's even arguing, "no, babies wear underwear, big boys wear pull-ups!"  I'm at my wit's end, not sure what else to try.