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Re: My 4 year old son will not eat - almost anything, we have tried everything, every kind of food t

Is your son continuing to gain weight or maintain his current weight? I think anyone with a toddler is familiar with him/her refusing food at some point. With my daughter she can love a food one day and throw it on the floor the next day. My pediatrician has told us its normal and as long as she is still growing and appears healthy, a missed meal here and there won't hurt anything. But it sounds like your son is missing too many meals in your opinion. Trust your instinct and set up an appointment with the pediatrician.


One idea you might also try: Your son may just want to play rather than eat. Let him know that at meal times he can choose not to eat, but he can't play either. He has to sit at the table while the rest of the family finishes their meal.


Good luck! Let us know what happens.