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Re: 20 month old bed battle help!!

Good Night, Sleep Tight and the sleep lady shuffle SAVED my toddler's life, my marriage, and right now it's saving my sanity while I'm teaching my baby how to sleep. 


I will give you my two cents- for a long time I was opposed to anything that would make my kids cry. But it got to the point where me trying to keep them from crying was causing me SO much frustration and it was also physically impairing me from the long term lack of sleep. My kids also weren't as happy during the day from being overtired. Yes, they did cry at first. But the amount of tears we went through to get them sleeping on their own was FAR less tears than what we were all going through out of tiredness and frustration. It helped me TREMENDOUSLY that their crying was their tired cry, so I knew they weren't really hurt, they were just tired and finding a way to blow off steam and go to bed on their own. Sleep Lady Shuffle was a good sort of compromise for me vs just leaving them in their crib to cry it out. The first three days were the hardest for us, but after that it goes pretty smooth.


For me, it came down to I was becoming a crappy parent and had a temper with my kids and just couldn't be the mom they deserved. The trade off was a few tears but we ended up with far less in the long run between everyone, and my kids were still the same happy kids during the day.