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20 month old bed battle help!!
Hello everyone,
My daughter's routine at night is, bathtime, reading a story, give thanks to God for another day, and I put her in the crib, put a blanket on and I sat on the rocking chair singing to her until she goes to sleep sometimes for an hr or a little more, while I do this she starts to do numerous of things to keep her busy, she is tired and refusing to close her eyes!! Plays with her hands, sings, counts, and started to pull her blanket off to the point that I get frustrated bc Im tired and I just want to rest, so my question is, what can I do to do this time more comfortable for her and for me! Should I just leave her there, I dont want to do the cry to sleep method, I do not like it, is there anything else besides this that I can do? Thank you ladies!!
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