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Re: Sudden morning seperation at daycare
We went through this, as did my neighbor whose son is my sons best friend and was in his class. They were in a program that was more or less baby sitting. We watched the Daniel Tiger episode about "grown ups come back" and talked about it. He told me his school was for babies and he didn't like it anymore. As it happened it was time for him to start preK (it starts at 3 in my city) and he was 3.5 at the start of school. Now he has to hop out at car pool and be walked in by a teacher and does great because he wants to be like the big kids and he's excited about what they are going to do during the day. His friend started a different preschool and is also doing better at drop off. I realize this wouldn't work for everyone, but if the daycare isnt a preschool type set up and there is another program that is more challenging it might take her mind off missing home.
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