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Re: potty training 2 year old daughter

I just trained my 2 year old son with great success. Here's what we did. I started when he was about 22 months and had him sit on the potty before the bath. We also took a little bath toy that holds water and would squeeze it into the toliet saying "pee, pee, pee" so he would get the idea of what was happening. After a few weeks of doing that (and him peeing before getting in the bath) I would try to catch him before he would poop. He would go and hide so I would try to nicely grab him and have him sit on the potty right at the moment. If he resisted, I tried to distract him by reading books and making it fun for him to sit. At first, he would only pee on the potty and only when I would bring him. Then gradually he would start telling us when he had to poop and sometimes go on the potty.  Lastly, after about a month of that, we went cold turkey and put him in undies and brought him to the potty every 20 minutes. By then he knew the idea and understood. It only took a day and he was trained. But one very important thing, from the very beginning, every time he went on the potty (#1 or #2) he got to pick out a sticker and we cheered and gave high fives. So every time he would go, he would start talking about the sticker even before he would get off the potty. 


The whole ordeal can be so stressful and if you stress your kid out it can backfire and then you're back in diapers. At the beginning, my son would only pee on the potty (not poop) and I actually asked a Clinical Psychologist about it (who happens to be my Mom) what to do. You can read Dr. Rutherford's suggestions here: http://ConversationsWithMyMother.com/potty-training-the-child-who-wont-poop-on-the-potty/