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Re: Favorite Toddler Activities?

Using outdoor chalk is a special activity for my 2 1/2 year old twin granddaughter and grandson. I just happen to find a cute 4 pack for each of them at the dollar store, one with polka dots(my granddaughter is into polka dots lately) and one with stripes, so these were "special" chalks. Nona & Poppa were watching them for the first time overnight (the longest time before this had been from 3pm to midnight) while Momma & Daddy were going away for their 5th anniversary. Anyway, they love to chalk on the rocks lining a path in the backyard so I began to make a game of one rock, 2 rocks, 3 rocks, jump. one rock, 2 rocks, three rocks hop. Making up something silly each time they put a mark on the correct number of rocks. They even made Nona (me) do it while they counted out and made up something. We laughed and had such a good time, they didn't even know they were practicing listening, counting and coordination. When my granddaughter dropped one and it broke she started to tear up until I told her she now had a 'Momma' chalk and a 'baby' chalk and she was all smiles again.