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Re: behavioral issues with 4 1/2 year old son
Time out in a high chair seems dangerous and confusing (am I in trouble or is it lunch time?). Develop a plan while things are going good so when things go south you already know what to do. Make a time out area if that is your thing. Someplace safe with no toys where he can not get out. I send the 2 year old to her room and check in when the screaming has stopped. She needs to acknowledge what she did wrong, apologize, and do an action to resolve the initial situation (pick up the toy or put away her laundry). Often when I check in she is not ready yet, but eventually she understands that she has things to do if she wants out of her room.

When I enter a new environment with my 2& 4 year olds I make a plan. Where will I take them if screaming starts? Will I ignore? Will we walk right out to the car? Will I drag them in the bathroom?

And while I am watching them play I am constantly anticipating what could go wrong (she is going to grab her sisters toy) and then how I will react if it happens.

This is advice from a mom of 2 with a masters and career experience in working with kids with behavioral issues. ( but typing with one finger on an I-pad so, please forgive any spelling/grammar problems.
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