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Re: How to get son interested in using the potty?

And jvd5, yes, I know it is true that when they are ready it is like a light switch is flipped and they just do it. My daughter was the same just happened sooner!


This made me lol. I helped potty train my niece many, many years ago. I would take care of her during the summer. My sister decided to start potty training when my niece turned 2. Since I took care of her while my sister was at work. So I had to help with the potty training. A month and half later, my niece was potty trained. Perhaps that is why I had unrealistic expectations with my son.  My son had a control issue too. It was his poop and pee and he was going with it as he pleased. I still remember the first time he saw me flush his poop in the potty. It was like I flushed his bff. Oh how he cried. I had accepted the fact that I would indeed have a 3 year old in diapers and possibly a 4 year old in diapers. And just when I did that, he decided to use the potty.