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Re: How to get son interested in using the potty?
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I was saying the same thing about 2 months ago with my daughter - she was almost 3.5 and I was like, I will NOT change 4-year-old diapers!  LOL.  Well, a few weeks ago she finally made the switch.  We had been trying since she was 2 with no success.  Everyone says girls are easier, but they have not met my stubborn daughter lol.  When she was ready she just did it (although I have to say that about the same time, I bought her some Doc McStuffins underwear - she is really into Doc - and she was very interested in wearing them.  So maybe that helped a bit too).  Every kid is different.  He will do it, but he sounds like my daughter, who refused to do it on anyone's timeline but her own.  I actually think backing off a bit is helpful if they're really resistant.  It's something only they can control and you cannot "make" them potty train, so letting them set the timeline might help some stubborn kids (like mine lol) do it sooner.  I know it's tough to let go like that, at least if you're a type A like me, but I do think some kids do better that way.  I had a hard time with it, but she resisted less when I backed off.  Good luck!