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Re: How to get son interested in using the potty?
I have 3 boys and it seems w/ each one they trained later. My youngest was finally trained a few months after he turned 3. I don't do undies or pull ups. Just either a long t-shirt or some comfy pants/shorts w/ elastic waist. Its much easier for them to not have to try and mess w/ zippers and buttons. Also we live in a very wooded rural neighborhood. So I started by asking every hour if he needed to go potty. Then letting them go out the back door and letting them pee off the back deck. I don't know what it is about men and peeing outside but in my family they love it. My boys got the hang of holding it until they were outside. Once they learned to control themselves I would mention that they could use the "bathroom potty". It gave them options of where they could go. I did however make it clear from the beginning that if he had to go poo it had to go in the toilet so it could be flushed. Pretty soon they were using the bathroom more then going outside. All in all each child took approximately a week and they were fully potty trained. May not work for some people but worked amazingly for my boys.
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