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Re: How to get son interested in using the potty?
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Wow, everyone chimed in at once on this subject, lol! Thanks for all the responses and suggestions!


As an update - We had "Underwear Day" on Saturday. A few days before that I went and bought several pairs of underwear, socks, and a bunch of cheap shorts. I talked about Underwear Day a lot and explained what we were gonna do. He seemed excited for it. Started out well, would sit on the potty whenever I told him it was time. Never actually went in the potty though. Had a few accidents, usually just a minute or two after a potty-attempt. (thankfully all accidents happened on the hard floors and not carpet!) Set the timer and had him sit on the potty every 20-30 minutes. He did okay with this, but after awhile I think he got tired of it and started refusing to sit on the potty. I put him in a diaper for naptime and after that he refused to put back on the underwear. Said he wanted to wear a diaper. I started thinking that maybe he just can't tell his own body cues of when he is about to go. But then on Sunday we were out somewhere and he ASKED me, "mommy, did you put underwear on me?" I said, "Excuse me? You have to go don't you and want to make sure it is okay to go in your pants, is that it?" Oh, he is good. That little stinker.


Today he is at daycare and he knows and seemed excited to wear underwear and use the potty. I asked him several if he was gonna use the pooty and not pee-pee on his teachers floor, and he said "Yes" and when we got to daycare he pulled out a pair of underwear and asked to put them on. So, I am crossing my fingers, praying, and hoping that he gets it, that he figures this out.


And jvd5, yes, I know it is true that when they are ready it is like a light switch is flipped and they just do it. My daughter was the same just happened sooner! And I keep hearing about boys who resist and don't train until they are 4 or older but sounds more like it is a power struggle and mind-manipulating thing by then. And I REALLY don't want to change a 4 yr old size poopy diaper!! LOL