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Re: potty training 2 year old daughter

We did the potty training bootcamp method. DD1 got to pick out her undies and her potty chairs (luckily she picked froggy potty which is the cheapest lol) and we told her that we weren't going to wear diapers during the day anymore. I stocked the house up on juice and pretzels, gummy treats, etc. She would get a couple gummy treats or a pretzel and also some juice every time she went on the potty. The first day we had lots of wet undies in the morning but we just changed them for nice dry ones and said "we'll try harder next time". By the afternoon she was peeing about every 20 minutes from all the juice she was drinking. The next day she was holding longer and longer and only had one or two accidents. And by the third day she was telling me when she needed to go potty instead of us watching her for the potty dance. Within a week she was holding every two hours or so. We had to keep up treats for number 2 for a very long time because she would withhold and was scared to poop at first for some reason.


I think it did help though that she would tell us she needed to pee and would pee on the toilet once or twice a day already.