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Re: Sudden morning seperation at daycare
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Hi there :smileyhappy: I went through this with my son at three years old and unfortunately it carried over off and on into 4 years old as well. Is your child ok after you leave?  How quickly does he calm down once you are gone?  With my son, my teacher would have to pry him from my leg screaming "mama, don't leave".  Til this day I get teary thinking about those times.  It was so hard.  I would just keep it brief and say, Mommy will be back later, you play with your friends and have fun.  No that didn't calm him down but the teacher said within 5-10 minutes he was fine and totally fine the rest of the day.  I couldn't understand why this started all of a sudden when nothing had changed and he loved his little preschool.  Til this day I still don't know!  My only advice would be to not drag out the goodbye, keep it brief...kiss...hug...mommy loves you and I'll be back later.  Oh wait, one thing I did with my son is I would kiss the top of his hand.  I would tell him he had Mommy's kiss on his hand with him all day and anytime he missed me he could look down at his hand and know my kiss was there and that I would be back. I told him that Mommy kisses won't wash off during the day so he wouldn't have an excuse to not wash his hands!  Eventually we even did a shiny rock that he would keep in his pocket all day.  Same thing...I would kiss it and sometimes he would too and if he missed me he could put his hand in his pocket and feel that rock and know he was ok.  I wish there was a magic wand for times like this!  It's so hard for us Mama's too!

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