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Re: 2 &1/2 wont brush teeth HELP
Brush you teeth together and let her watch you brush and then you load her toothbrush and sing the song "this is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth, this is the way we brush our teeth, do early in the morning". By that time, you should be able to get her. Left and right sides and upper and lowers brushed, with two cycles of the song. Now for the front teeth, you tell her "Lets see that tongue". That exposes the top front teeth, when they stick out the tongue(cause their front lip automatically pulls up". And you brush the top teeth, rinse the brush, and then. Brush the tongue this time. If she pulls back, try it again. After you finish that, you can fo the bottom front also. I usually have my don sit on the counter of the sink and I'm in front of him making sure he doesn't fall. Its close enough to the sink, so you can rinse the toothbrush after brushing the teeth. After its done, rinse the brush and then tap the sink with the toothbrush three times, tap, tap, tap, and with a big smile say "All done! Now lets go have some pancakes!!!". It works for my kid. He will brush himself also sometimes.
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