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Re: Punishment

In all honesty, I am surprised you didn't get arrested or someone didn't see you and call the police or worse... take your child. Anything can happen in a split second and all you will have left is the rest of your life to regret it.  He is 5. Not 15. You may have created abandonment issues with him and possibly broken any trust or bond you had with him. I hope that he won't be in therapy trying to recover from this extreme dramatic experience.


Have you considered that just maybe, he may not be acting defiant? Maybe, he is showing signs of ADD or ADHD. Maybe you should be concerned about him instead of quick to be angry. He needs your help not your punishment. You should create a healthy safe environment that he will be able to grow and improve with, not fear. Do you really want your child scared that you'll snap one day and leave him at a store because you just don't love him or want him anymore????  I just can't get over what you did.


LOVE, PATIENCE, and PRAYER is what you need to help raise him to be a good man.