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Re: Irrational Fear of Baths

I had the same problem with my 1 year old a few months ago. She loved baths, and then one day she hated them. She would scream the whole time and try desparately to get out. I tried giving her a bath in a different place (she was little enough to bathe in the kitchen sink) and gave her fun toys to play with. None of that worked. My only guess was that something had happened that had frightened her. Sometimes she would slip on her bottom, and even though I was always there to catch her, I think one time it just scared her too much. Anyway, I found a solution that worked very well with her. During her bath, I gave her Gerber Puffs to snack on, and the tasty treat was a perfect distraction. I also put a towel under her in the tub to keep her from slipping. After doing that a few times, she started to play during her bath again. Not long after that, I stopped the puffs during the bath all together, and we haven't had a problem since then. I did not want her to always expect a snack during bath, so I only intended for that to be temporary. Once she was able to be more steady sitting up, I stopped using the towel too. I suggest you try that with your daughters. Give them a light snack to munch on during their bath: crackers, cereal, or something they really like. Hopefully it will work for them like it worked for my daughter.