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Re: ASD/Mitral Valve Cleft
My heart & prayers go out to your brave little girl, as well as, your family. I can't offer any advise as far as the surgery goes (very sorry) but I can help a little with the items needed for the hospital stay. Lots of stuff to keep your little one occupied. I was a candy striper in the child ward of UHC (our area hospital) and a few things that the children loved to do were (1) Board Games, it's fun & doesn't require lots of physical activity. (2) Crafts, this was always fun for the children and myself. Go to your local craft store and see what they have to offer. Beads for pretty jewelry (make mother daughter matching necklaces, great bonding activity & really easy) Playdough or clay, can be messy, bring an old sheet, blanket, or towel to use as a bed protecter, but it's fun & will keep her well entertained. (3) Favorite movies, set a certain time during the day or night to have a family movie time. Break out the popcorn (if allowed). (4) Spa Day, bring or get some cute & pretty hair clips & foam curlers (don't have to use hair spray) and nail polish for a manicure & pedicure, maybe even some light make up (baby wipes are a good remover) and if your up to it let her do your make up. Theses are just a few things that'd keep her (& you) occupied. Another idea, bring a journal, I'm sure this isn't going to be a fond memory but it'll give you something to do & a way to vent, plus years later when she ask (and she will, 22 years ago (4yrs old) I got hit by a car and was in traction for 2 weeks to this day I still ask my family about my 'stay' at the hospital) about her stay. Write about how your feeling and what you have to go through, and ask your daughter if she wants you to write anything in it for her. Later in her life you can tell her how brave she was, and how if she can get through this than she can conquer anything. You never know one day she may have to go through something tough with her own child and when she's scared you can give it to her so she'll know that she's not alone in her feelings. Other than fun toys, activities, favorite items, hygiene products, stuffed animals, books, and comfy clothes this is all I have to offer. I'm sorry I couldn't offer much more. Your daughter & family will be in my prayers.
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