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Re: potty training 2 year old daughter
It really is when your child is ready to use the toilet. I started sitting my son on the toilet when he was two. And it was frustrating, especially since everyone seems to brag about there kid already potty trained or point out that your kid should be potty trained. Ignore them all! It's different for every kid. I went from sitting him down every hour for 15 mins to every 15 mins for 10 mins and he would not use it! Right after I'd get him off the toilet he pooped or peed in his pull ups. I tried that for about 3 months with no success. I then tried switching to training underwear since supposedly pull ups slows the process and still he wouldn't use the toilet. I let him pick his own potty seat, and I even bought one that goes on the toilet, I even bought Elmo's potty time video, and I bought 3 different potty training books. I would let him even stay in his dirty underwear till he was uncomfortably but no success. I started giving him timeouts, taking away tv time or toys and not a budge. I even tried giving him a small toy or lollipop if he used the toilet, that worked very little. I tried that for about 4 months. So I finally just switched him back to pull ups and sat him down occasionally on the toilet, still letting him sit there for about 10-15 mins, not making a big deal about it cause eventually I knew he'd learn. Then this past October he started telling me he had to go. He's only had two accidents, cause he gets so busy with playing he tells me the last minute he has to go. Other than that he's doing great. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to get them to use the toilet, just take it slow. I mean no kid grows up not knowing how to use the potty right?
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