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Re: Please help me decide on how to Choose the Best Day Care Center for Your Toddler!!!
Make sure to do extensive research on the day care & day care workers. My sis n law had my niece in a day care that was ran out of a lady's home. It was amazing, almost to amazing & perfect. One day I picked her up & as usual she rambled on about her day. Once she started talking about 'Mr. Jason' & how he helped her potty I immediately started worrying (why was a grown man helping her 'wipe' when first she's perfectly capable & second no man is employed there). Once we got home I started doing some research (thank god I did) turns out this man was the nice Lady's son who served 13 yes in prison for sexual acts performed on very younge female children. To say I was livid was an understatement. Thankfully, that was the first & only time he was around. Needless to say it was SHUT DOWN IMEDIATELY! I found that it'd bit of info just by typing the owner's name in the search engine. Now I make sure we do background checks on ALL employees, or ANYONE that'll be around the kids. As well as, check for any & all reviews, comments, suggestions. Any proper day care will allow the parents/ guardians to come in & observe how things are done. I'm not telling you to scare you I just want others to be aware so they don't make the same mistake my sis n law did. Just because it's Pretty & Perfect from the outside doesn't mean the inner workings are. Rest assure there are plenty of good day cares.
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